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Britt's Cafe

Britt's cafe is Lakeland’s premier American Bistro Style Diner. We take pride in bringing you first-rate food with a warm comforting environment that makes you want to keep coming back. Come join us for breakfast or lunch and let us make you part of the family.

Our Story

Where It All Began

Britt’s Café started out in 1997 with a focus on standing out as a place where you could get a great tasting, freshly cooked meal at a fair price.  We offer a quaint, cozy atmosphere with friendly southern hospitality.  We’re constantly searching for new and delicious recipes that will tantalize your taste buds and keep you wanting more.  

We feel that having focus and passion help us to provide our customers the best breakfast and lunch dining experience possible.  We hope you share our passion.  


What We Offer

Fresh Menus

Fresh Ingredients

Tasty Meals

Creative Chefs

Authentic Cuisine

Home Roasted Coffee

Hours of Operation

7am – 2pm

7am – 8pm

Get in Touch

General inquiries:   (863) 940-4300 


Questions & Concerns: Brittslakeland@gmail.com

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